Good Amplifier to Drive Thiels' CS1.5


I'm in the market to buy a good integrated amplifier to drive my Thiels' CS1.5 speakers. Any suggestion?

Naim supernait

FYI, my budget is $400 - $1000 for this amplifier.

I would look at the hybrid/digital integrateds.The Thiels like power,so I wouldn't skimp on the WPC.
Must it be an intergrated?
Someone suggested me to look into "Cambridge 740A integrated amp". Any thoughts?

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Hi Bob,

Thanks for the feedback! Appreciate it!
try stratos oddyssey amps they do match well with thiel
I would look into a Sonographe SS amp or a CJ ss amp. You are going to get a better deal on the Sonographe even though they are very identical in sound (from what I've read). The Sonogoraphe SA-120, SA-250, or SA-400 would all be excellent. The bigger they are the more they cost but you can easily run your speakers with the SA-120 which I think will do near 200 watts into 4 ohms. They are incredible liquid and powerful amp and as you will read one of the best deals in high end audio.
I am using a CJ CA200 to drive Thiel 2.4s and this is a great match. I can only imagine that this amp will also make those 1.5s sing. I know your budget is $1k but if there is any way you can swing for more, this would be one heck of an amp for your current (and future) Thiels.
I think the Odyssey Stratos Stereo amp, mentioned earlier, would be an excellent match at the price points you are looking at. A very impressive SS amp, especially at the price. I was really surpised how could they sounded, thought they were much more expensive based on sound alone.
I drive my Thiel 3.5 with an MF 2200 - they sound great. The 200 or the 2300 would be also great fro you.