good amplifier for Paradigm atoms

I'm looking to pick up a pair of the paradigm atoms for use with my PC. A lot of my worries stem from what little I know of power distortion and ambient electronics distortion. The Atoms I am picking up will be internally shielded and will be used for a multitude of musical genres at medium volume. I almost feel like I can't afford to be picky with speakers this cheap, but... I guess I'm picky any old how. I may use them a little for late night movie viewing also.

I would think Creek, Marantz, or maybe even Outlaw would be just fine - if you've got a favorite for the price feel free to recommend something.

I started another thread regarding great bookshelves for the money in the speaker forum and recieved some excellent replies - thanks Agon!
Get something warm. I think the creek would be the way to go because The Atoms have metal tweeters.
Try monarchy audio. I use an Sm70 25watt/channel class A amp driving a pair of B&W LM1's. Signal source is a M-Audio Soundboard. I do about 70% of my listening on the computer and this setup is very satisfying.

Main System for reference:

Philips 963SA DVD (modded)
SF iris transport
Anthem AVM20
Aragon 8008BB (L&R fronts)
SARS amplifier (center - bi-amp, bi-wire)
Outlaw Audio/NAD M200 Mono's (rears)
Comcast HDTV cable box
Sony Tivo
Panasonic Tu300L HD projector
Da-lite Da-mat 92" screen
B&W N805Sigs on custom Amboyna Burl stands (mains)
B&G center channel(ribbon tweeter)
Magnapan MMS Surrounds (motorized to swing out into position when surround is on)
Cardas Golden Cross balanced and SE interconnects.
Cardas Golden Cross speaker cables
Custom Cardas video interconnects
Cheif projector mount
Dedicated 20 amp service
Surge supression in the panel
Monster power conditioning
Virtual dynamics and Cardas power cords
Custom ventilation system for equipment
Motorized blackout shade/window treatment on the only window (required by fire code)
Carpeted floor that "floats" (room is located above the garage)
Xantech IR repeator system
Crestron color & Harmony "smart" remotes
RBH subwoofer

Good Luck,