Good amplifer match for Pass X1?

I'm looking around on the used market for a good amp match to the X1. Can't afford any of the Pass amps unless I find someone giving one away. I have Shahinian Diapason speakers, so the amp has to be able to drive a low impedance load very well (the D's go down to about 2 ohms). Music is a broad mix: acoustic, electric, jazz and classical, some pop and rock. Vocals. Currently using a Bedini 803 but looking for a step up. It's also important that the amp is capable of being driven over long interconnects (about 24 feet); that's another reason why I have to move away from the 803. It is not stable with long ICs. Looking for a musical capability, but not tubey, or SStatey, or warm, or cool. It has to be natural, coherent, articulate, open, extended, without "sounding" like anything. I know that sounds like I'm asking for "neutral", but I'm being more descriptive because in the past I've found "neutral" equipment to often sound very uninvolving. Don't want that. Don't want anything either that does continuos rat-a-tat PRAT - even when it's unwarranted. There are a few amps that do that. I find I'm thinking of a FetValve. What do you gurus think?
Bumping it up the line.
You could sell the X-1 and buy the best integrated you can afford.
Um, comments like that don't add much to a thread, as I'm sure you already know. Do you have some reason that you could make clear for this opinion?
may i get back to this old question? Tonyptony, what kind of pre/amp/speaker do you have now?
I have a ARC LS5, 2x Bedini BA-803 in biamping for my Shahinian Diapasons, and it sounds good. It could be maybe more precise in the bass, more dynamic, but i donĀ“t know, what the weakest part is.
I use 5 meter IC from the pre to the amps.