Good amp to match Totem Model One

I just came into a pair of Totem Model One's(not sig) and my current amp (audio refinement complete) just doesn't seem to cut it with these puppies. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these speakers and/or could recommend a good starting point for an amp purchase. All help is appreciated.
I currently have the Signature version but at one time had the original. I tried integrateds from Acurus (not too bad a match),Classe (treble too bright), Krell (horrible match, way too harsh), and Nad (decent for entry level). The best synergy I've found was with the Sim Audio Moon I-5. Not an integrated for people who listen close to 3 digit db but a hightly musical and involving amp. It was the only integrated I've tried that made music from the Totems sound like it was coming from flesh and blood vs. caps and transistors. I've also heard their less expensive Celeste I-5080 which did a good job with the Model Ones.
Surprised to see someone rate the Classe integrated as bright??..mind you, I've only had the CA100 and not any of the Classe integrateds....Also too, the SimAudio I-5080 IS bright sounding....I would recommend a Roksan Caspian (75w/ch) or if you could push your budget, a Plinius 2100i or the 8150...all these integrateds have the power and finesse to squeeze the magic out of the Totem 1's...the 1's need a relatively high powered or current amp as they are quite insensitive...also too, they need a neutral and CLEAN sounding amp, especially in the highs to tame down those SEAS tweeters they employ...GOOD LUCK!!
I think two amps you might want to consider are the YBA integrated and the Musical Fidelity from Audio Advisor, which can be connected two ways, one for warmth and one for detail. There is a recent review in Steroephile. Also check out . The are 42 reviews of the Totem Ones, some with listed equiptment. You can get some info from people who have the speakers. My experience with them is that they were very bright. I tried them with my Krell and I couldn't listen to them. Not a good match. Good luck
Tried a few combo with this speaker. So far, the most balanced seem to the Plinius 8150i, a bit expensive but worth the cash outlay! A friend tried this with a Krell KSA250 with Classe DR6 pre-amp, he likes the combo as well. Another friend tried this with the COnrad Johnson PV10 Pre-amp with the Conrad MF2100 amp. Not bad as well. Personally, having heard all three, I still prefer the Plinius 8150i. Good Luck
I agree YBA integrated is a excellent choice, I have heard this at my friends with MIT cable. If u can arrord or find the DT model use it because your speakers are low sensitivity and have high impedance. Another chioce is Bryston integrated . Brightness might be caused by the CD player, Try the Arcam Alpha 9 and don't let anyone tell u something else is better. If u like tubes try a old audio research classic 60 should drive them but can't promise a good match