Good amp repair shop in L.A.?

Seems to be some good ones around the country but don't know of anyone working on highend electronics in Los Angeles. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
I'd try calling Brooks Berdan Ltd in Monrovia. Also, Howard at Audio Specialist in Studio City. But, I'd call Brooks Berdan first and ask for suggestions.
Brooks has an outstanding technician. His name is Tom Carione. From personal experienct, I would avoid The Audio Specialist.
2nd Howard in Studio City...What Brand amp would help..
I say go with Brooks. I used Howard and he took forever and actually charges more. Tom will usually get your piece fixed in less than a week, unless special parts need to be ordered.
In addition to the others mentioned, Mitch Singerman in LA might be able to help depending on the equipment.
BROOKS! worked magic when it came to my Jadis, and La Platine.
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Brooks and Tom.
Audio Specialist seems best with oldest type of equipment.
For anything else they don't seem to do in depth diagnosis/repair as I have personal experience with repair which was later inspected by manufacturer.

I referred a friend to Audio Specialist for the purchase of a 1970s vintage Kenwood intgrated amp. When I saw the amp at my friend's house after he brought it home, it clearly had not been cleaned, and the volume control was scratchy. This is something I expected would have been done, otherwise why purchase from a repair shop that sells vintage gear?