Good amp recommendation for My HT

I am in the process of putting together my dream home theater system. I just purchased an Outlaw 990 and plan on going with Some Morel speakers (on wall) v.s. maybe the Martin Logan Fresco i. I need a rec for a good amp for around $1,000 new or used (leaning towards used). I figure I could go with a nicer 3 channel and use my Adcom GFA 5300 for the surround speakers, or I could just get a 5 channel AMP now.

Check out the Emotiva XPA-5, a beast of an amp (200 watts/ch.) at a phenomenal price, $799. Emotiva has superb customer service, and I speak from experience...

Thanks for the rec- I had never head of emotiva. That Amp does look pretty awesome. BTW, what difference do balanced cables make for short runs? any?
I tried to post to this earlier but was having problems, did you get the email I sent you earlier ?
yes thanks. the parasound looks like a good deal.
I have used the Outlaw amps for years and highly recommend them. Reliable, powerful enough, great customer service, great price.