Good Amp/Preamp for "bright " Thiel 3.6 speakers ?

I have a pair of Thiel 3.6 speakers that I am quiet fond of. I bought them a few years ago after listening to them on some very expensive equipment at a stereo store. They have been great at home with clean tight bass and exceptional detail. I am finally ready to get a decent amp and preamp to compliment these speakers and I am looking for a recommendation.

The two things that I have learned about these speakers is that they are considered to be Bright and power hungrey. The minumum power required to drive these monsters is 250 watts. I personally would say that they are extremely revealing of any flaws in a system and not "bright". And when paired with the right equipment they are beautiful, clear, and present a remarkable soundstage which is what I love.

So what I am looking for is an Amp / Preamp combo that provides beautiful detail and imaging but no Brightness or Harshness. I need a combo that with amaze me with detail and presentation but will also let me listen for hours without exhausting my ears. The ultimate complement to these speakers.

I have browsed around this site for a few days and have stumbled across the following mainstream equipment but have not been able to make a decision about a single item let alone a pairing.

Bryston amp 4b-st 250w $1,100.00
Rotel amp rb-1090 380w $1,200.00
Krell amp kav-250a 250w $1,350.00
CJ amp mf-250 250w $1,750.00
Bryston amp 4b-sst 300w $1,800.00
Musical Fidelity amp a-308cr 250w $1,900.00
Krell amp kav-2250 250w $2,000.00
Musical Fidelity int nu-vista 300 300w $3,000.00
Musical Fidelity int tri-vista 300 350w $4,200.00
Krell int kav500i $1,700.00

Krell pre kav-280p $1,800.00
Krell pre kav-250p $800.00

I know there are other great pieces out there and I haven't really gotten a feel for the available preamps yet but the conrad johnson preamps have caught my eyes a few times.

I am hoping to spend less that $4000 total and would be happy if I could keep it under $3000.

I haven't decided on a cd player but may end up with a high quality DAC later. For now I just want to get the amp and preamp and then start auditioning cd players.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

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