Good Amp/PreAmp combo for Alon IV

I am buying a pair of slightly used Alon IV speakers to replace my Celestion SL6si's (I also have a Miller and Kreisel VX-7II Sub). I want to replace my crummy Yamaha RX-V592 amp with a proper preAmp and Amp. I'd like to spend around $2000. Is this even possible, or will I just be choking once again? Any suggestions?
Alon's love tubes, get a good tube integrated ,there are many choices in your price range Audiomat Aperge is one that comes to mine, and enjoy. BTW what's your source?
i use pse studio V monos with good results and a audio research ls-12. i think pse or muse monos would also work well. they are extrmely clean, neutral, dynamic and can be had for in the $500 - $700 range. btw, very reliable.they are/were $2500 new.

granted alons work well with tubes...but you need "at least" 100 wpc and 100 wpc for reliable tubes is $$$$$.

i would try to go tubes in the pre-amp.either a audio research ls-15 or a ls-2b mkIII ( both remote controlled). both are great musical pre-amps that match with the pse monos.the alons are very current hungry and require quality current amps

i use a marantz sa 8260 and the sound is very silky.the alons are EXTREMELY revealing of pick with care. once setup with good gear, they sing and worth keeping.

hope that helps,