Good Amp Match for Tannoy Kingdom Roysls

Would love to hear thoughts on a good amp match for Tannoy Kingdom Royals.

Fire away folks!
Shindo Laboratories Lafon GM70 Mono Blocks.
ASR electronics designed by Dr. Friedrich Schaefer, which are handmade in Germany to incredibly high standards.

I would check out channel islands audio, I have the 40 watt mono blocks and any of there amps with a very good tube pre and they are incredible, smooth/ detailed/ open and a mid range that is as good as it gets. I think they would be a perfect match for the Tannoys and for the money you will have to spend much much more to get better. Again put them with a  very good tube pre and the mid range is incredible you will not be disappointed.

We have several customers who are very happy with our M-60 amplifiers driving that speaker.

IMO/IME, that speaker has shown that it really benefits from tubes and is also an easy load for tube amplifiers!