Good Amp for Spica TC-60 speakers under $1000

I am looking for a good amplifier to drive my Spica TC-60 speakers. One place recommended the Rocksan Kandy MIII Intergrated amp 115w/channel. Any input is greatly appreciated.
I'm using a Densen B-100 with my Spica Angelus and it sounds great. The imaging and microdynamics are better than I've heard on much more expensive systems.
I drove a pair of TC-60s with both a Forte Model 4 (50wpc pure class A) and a Sonic Frontiers Integrated 2 (90wpc).

The Forte was a much better match. The Spicas are reasonably efficient and have a pretty benign impedence (6 ohms nominal?).

The Forte Model 4 is one of the absolute steals on the used market and can be had for under $500 and sometimes under $400 if you're patient but ready to act quickly as they don't usually last long. I'm very sorry that I didn't keep mine. I had it paired with a Forte Model 2 preamp which I picked up for $250. The law of diminishing returns kicks in VERY quickly and I honestly don't think that there's anything that can better the Forte for less than $900-1000 and even then the choices are few.

The Spicas are great speakers. If you feed them properly, you'll have a true giant-killer of a system. Let us know what you end up with.
I second the Forte nomination. You could even bi-amp with two of them bought used, and still stay within your budget.
I used an Exposure XV integrated with my TC60's in a small room with excellent results. It is a 40WPC amp. It is about 10 years old now but if one pops up one the Gon for 5 or 600 dollars it is well worth a listen.
I third the Forte 4. I also have seen the McCormack DNA .5 recently for under 600.00. Thats also one of the greater audio bargains out there.
The Creek 5350SE integrated sounds very good at a modest price of $900 used.