good amp for peachtree era 14

bought era 14, they like power, anyone own them...i listen to jazz in a 15 by 15 room at moderate levels......using peachtree dacit with sony player and apple mini
I have mine in a music HT setup with a pioneer sc07. I have heard them with rotel receivers (1560?) and it was very close to the sc07. I demo'd them with ayre SS amp and it was very nice. I hesitate to compare to the sc07 (in terms of characteristics) as the ayre room was treated. Given that I liked it with ayre and would find it hard to believe that the sc07 is near that. I also heard the D5 bookshelves with macintosh driving (tube unit, not sure what model) and it was quite good as well. I would try ayre.
above my price point, but i have heard ayre and like their product... need to stay within 2000.00 new thanks