Good Amp for JM Labs Utopia Speakers

I just bought a pair of Mini Utopias, and wondered of anyone has had any luck amplifying them. Preamp is an excellent passive model I am very happy with: Reference Line Preeminence 1B.

My short list of amplifiers includes various solid state and tube models: CJ 2500A, CJ MV60SE, a few BATs, Threshold T-100, GamuT D200 MK II or III, and VTLs. I am about to start listening to several of these, and wondered if anyone had success with one of these or if I should add another amp to this list.

Appreciate the help!

An amplifier I would add without a doubt is anything from YBA. One of the most balanced and easy-to-listen-to system I've ever heard were some JM Labs and a YBA amplifier.
I'm currently running a pair of the original Micro Utopias using a KR Audio tube amp. I was originally under the impression that my amp was putting out 18 watts per side, now I'm beginning to find out that it might be only 12, either way these are very easy speakers to drive so I definitely recommend tubes. I don't know your exact price range, but there are lots of good models out there from KR, Cary, BAT, VAC, and others. Remember also that you really don't need a lot of watts. Audition, have fun, and remember the searching can be as fun and important as finding the right amp. Good luck!
I love McIntosh amps with my JM Labs. Excellent synergy. They are also great with tube gear - I heard a pair of Minis with Antique Sound Lab Dove 10Wpc monoblocks and the sound was amazing.
I have matched my JM Lab Utopia Diva BE with Ayre V-5xe with great success, I previously had them match with a YBA 1 power amp and I prefer the Ayre, simply much more musical, less analytical, you find yourself enjoying and listening to the music rather than listening to your equipment.

If you are a pure audiophile, maybe you will prefer the YBA gear.
If you are more a music lover I guess you will enjoy the Ayre.

Just my 2 cents
I have listened to the JM Lab Micro Utopia Be and Diva Be with the YBA Passion Integre. They were both memorable experiences noted for the high level of musicality and emotional involvement.
Consider Simaudio or Rowland amps.
i use the hlacro amps with my nova be... great synergy. also used mac 500s, and the krell 750cxs, with great results. the halcro combo is my favorite of the 3 mentioned.
There are some good suggestions above. I am using a Herron tube pre-amp and Herron solid state mono amps with my Mini Utopia's. This set-up has worked very well for me. Previously I was using older McIntosh electronics. The Herron gear is clearly better. However, I belive the newer McIntosh amps would be a an excellent choice. I would stay away from any amps that tend to be on the analytical side since the Utopia's signiture tend to be a little lean. I discovered the right amp will also improve the bass response of these speakers and almost eliminates the need for a subwoofer.
I have had outstanding results for my Alto Be's with Chapter Audio(England)