Good amp for Genesis II System

I'm looking for a good amp for the mid-high panels for my Genesis II system. I had some bad luck with tubes in the past so I would like to get some advice for a good transistor amp. I heard some good stories about the Classe Omega. My Preamp is a Cello Suite.
halcro d 68,briged jeffs 12,classe omega again briged,and big burmester as a solid state but personelly i would like to have vac renaissance signature 140/140 with genesis 2
Dont forget, Arnie always designs with tubes. Tubes will be the output of preference that Genesis or Infinity top panels want to see. If not, get ready for zippyness......Frank
Hi, Arjen. I just found your post and recalled that you e-mailed me for this question. I answered you but missed the point about the suitable amps for the GenII. I totally agree with the above opinion that Genesis speakers need tube amps and will not work particularly well with most solid state amps. Now I am using 4 monoblocks of BAT Vk 60s which sound a lot better than my previous Krell Audio Standard. I heard that the Halcro may be a good match in case you insist on SS amps. You've got to audition them and decide for yourself.
get a pair of Conrad Johnson premier eights. read comments by HP in absolute sound.

Can you provide some more guidance re: HP's comments in Absolute Sound? Issue? Etc.