good amp for b&w N802

cj premier 10 preamp. I need power. Any thoughts?
Plinius SA 250. Power and finess. Tube like mids, excellent tight deep base, and will keep the Very Detailed Nautilus Tweeter from going over the top and becoming harsh. Really shines in XLR balanced, but I think the CJ is all RCA single ended. Either way, the Plinius in one heck of an amp. :) Ken
I have N802's and use a Pass X350. I think it makes a nice combination.
Check out Jeff Rowland range. My B&W 804 have never sounded better with a pair of Jeff Rowland 201s.
Thanks for the input. Just ordered the new Integrated Concerto and was wondering what you thought the match would be like with B&W 9NTs and a Krell CD player (KAV 280)? Any thought's would be appreciated. Thanks.

have you looked at krell's lineup. you might be able to get a good deal with a KSA 300. I have a krell KAV 2250 with my 803's and I love the sound!
On the cheap?

I've been powering my 802s/HTM-1 with a pair of Krell KAV 250A/3s. I bi-amp each of the 3 speakers and the sound is phenomenal. $4-$4.5k on the used market and built like tanks. I'd love to jump up to an FPB or Pass X350, but the sound is excellent now...not necessary to spend more.

I have Matrix 802 SIII and use Pass Labs X-600. Very, very happy!

Best regards.
another vote for the pass x350....or 600 if your pockets and room are big enough.
McIntosh MC501's (stereophile 2004 product of the year) I am very pleased
any krell fpb is the way to go. bi-amping is not a good idea.
Krell, Pass, and Plinius all sold, and replaced by H2O. Check out the review under amps.
VTL MB-450s. I'm happy, it sounds very life-like. Before, I had McIntosh MC352 (while also good, imaging and soundstaging were definitely poorer, and everything sounded a tad more "mechanical"). But the VTLs let the music come through!