Good amp for ATC speakers

Any thoughts on a good amp for the ATC SCM19 or 19a speakers? Both have rather low sensitivity. Prefer solid state leaning from neutral to just a bit on the warmish side.
Without knowing your budget, I would recommend Herron Audio M1 amps.  Plenty of power, high input impedance, handles reasonable impedance swings, VERY NEUTRAL. 
Thanks for your response about the Herron amp. They look like fine amps but actual detailed reviews are pretty much nonexistent. If you used these yourself, can you comment further on their sound? I have a low power Pass class A amp and love the resolution but feels it lacks a bit of "slam" for the type of music I prefer. Thanks.
may be krell or atc amps,krell are known for slam and attack
An Aesthetix Atlas would drive your ATC speakers with plenty of drive and slam.

Reviews in most hi fi magazines including Stereophile linked above.
I have the SCM 19v2’s and am in the same boat.

I imagine if you have the 30.x pass amp you’re not gonna have the slam needed for these inefficient (86dB) speakers.

I’ve been looking in the 250w/ch solid state arena and am not sure that’s going to be enough for the large space I have my speakers in (WAF is stand mounts only).

Some of the newer class D amps are interesting (Merril Audio, etc.) but so are the NuPrime ones if one wanted to do this on a budget.

Have you thought about just getting a Pass X350.8 or something in that range? Plenty of oomph and neutral enough for our very revealing speakers. It’s way outside my budget or I’d strongly consider one.

Now, I have heard the SCM 19v2’s with ATC’s own 150w/channel dual mono amp. It was really nice, but something didn’t gel with me so I passed on it.  It did have plenty of slam though.
ATCs own amps are very neutral with a hint of warmth. They are fast, extended and refined. Recently I compared the ATC amp to a Pass Labs xa30.8. The Pass was even more refined, more transparent, lower noise floor still I preferred the ATC amp in the end because it was more honest. The Pass sounded colored compared to the ATC. The Pass was slower and less airy. The ATC got the timbre and timing spot on which the Pass could not.
I had a chance to hear ATC with Pass labs. Very impressive! I fell in love.
Well I got the new SCM19s and mated them with my 30 watt Pass. In my small listening space they work ok, although in some cases the volume is now pushed to about 75%. I would look for more power down the road, but for now this will be fine.

Thanks for the amp tips, all look interesting and will be up for consideration when the time comes.
ATC or Chord SPM.