Good amp for Altec Iconic's

I have some average s/s stuff and a pair of B&W'S,but have just been given my Dads old Iconics ( horns and 15").I would like to set them up in my home office 17x21. Was looking for some advice on used tube equip. that would be a good match. Just got finished building office so funds are alittle tight. I have a b&k s/s preamp coming from a friend but thinking of going all tube. All advice wanted pros and/or cons. Thanks Bill
I had a pair of Altec Lansing "Carmel" speakers that sounded great used with a McIntosh MX110 and MC240. In any event use tubes to "tame" the horns. Most SS components used with horns can sound harsh. Have fun!
You probably won't get alot of response on Altecs on Agon. But I absolutely love mine, powered by McIntosh MC40 tube monoblocks. Altecs are highly prized by Japanese and other far eastern audiophiles. ALso the SET crowd seems to like the Altec Hi Eff. speakers. You might want to checkout in the HiEff speaker room, there are lots of folks there that cherish these dinosaurs.

Audiogon doesn't seem geared toward many vintage items. But I think there are some major audio bargins to be had in vintage. And that happens to be where my budget keeps me. I used to feel that HiFi was out of my monetary reach, but found I was just looking in the wrong direction.

Good luck and enjoy those speakers, they are worthy.
Thanks to all for the advice