Good Amp and Processor for under 4K used

I have Montana EPS fronts and the Montana Center with like surrounds. The room is about 20x30; I will be using it mostly for Music 80% and Home Theatre 20%. I listen to allot of different styles of music but mostly Rock and Rap and prefer to listen to music LOUD.
Being that the EPS's I have are a bit on the bright side, I am thinking something a bit warmer to even them out.

All input is greatly appreciated as I live in the Audio DMZ and having the luxury of going to an audio store or two and listen to different types is unfortunately not an option.

Thanks Again
If your system is on the bright side you can tame it to some extent with your power cables and interconnects as well as your electronics. EAD may be a good choice for a preamp/processor that can handle both 2 channel and HT. Check the threads and used prices for the Ovation and other models etc on audiogon. Meridian also makes excellent preamp/processors. You can also warm up a system with a tube pre amp or amp. However, SS power amps might be better for HT and if too bright might be tamed with a tube preamp.. As for cables,Cardas,Acoustic Zen (copper), and Silentaudio Apollo C (copper interconnects excellent and inexpensive) work well with SS components. The Acoustic zen, Cardas and Van den Hul hybrid power cords should also work well but you can never tell system synergy until you actually try them. See if you can borrow some demo cables and or preamp/processors before spending huge sums.