good advice for KEF R-500s

I have only been in this hobby for 4 years.  After listening to a lot of people I settled on my "guru" who advised me in mid 2018 to buy a pair of KEF R-500s.  I bought a Primare I-22/CD-22 stack dealer demos.  I enjoyed them for several months until the CDP started skipping and had a tiff with the dealer who sold me the unit.  I sent it off to be repaired and hooked up my entry level Marantz 6006 stack and proceeded to enjoy my music. 

On a rainy day on vacation in the mountains, I dropped into an audio shop and was quite impressed by the owner.  While he no longer sold KEFs he had in the past and congratulated me on my purchase.  He thought I would be fine with the Primares but insisted that for KEFs to dance, they needed reference electronics.  Two months ago I bought a Hegel H-190 and Mohican from him for my new speakers, Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Baby Grands.  While experiencing a delay in hooking up my new system, I swapped out the Marantz stack for the Hegel stack.  Whoa, even with the new, tight, equipment, right out of the box, there was a huge difference in my KEFs; bass was increased significantly and detail was considerably enhanced!

I will hook up my BBGs but right now I am loving my 18 month old KEF R-500s!  Thank you Dan and Jason!

I had the h190 on loan while waiting for my h360 and that is a great sounding box.