Good 8' speaker cables under 200.00

I own a pair of Thiel CS 3.6 speakers (I like these), NAD 218THX amp (powerful but limited), Denon 3801 receiver/pre (junk but cool for DTS movies), and a denon dcd 2560 cd player (fair but outclassed badly by todays offerings), Tara labs RSC Prime Gen2 interconnects (I like these just fine even though they are not the best).

I will eventually replace the preamp, CD player, and then the AMP and the yet to be bought $200 speaker cables.

This week I just need to get rid of the current total junk speaker cables (bad monster low end) and get something around (just under) $200.00 to tide me over until the money appears to do things correctly.

My local dealer caries Tara Labs and I was considering buying a pair of RSC Prime 500. They seem to sound ok and are about $180 for a pair of 8' new.

Before I take the plunge I thought I should see what other people think is good for this application and price range.

Thanks for the feedback,

Montana Rane
check out the Phoenix Gold / Carver Pro speaker cables on our showcase on audiogon ..we have a lot of very happy customers .check the customer reviews .an 8ft pair custom made with your choice of 1/4"spades or banana gold plated terminations...

Check out the AudioQuest Slate thats on sale at audioadvisor you can get a 10' pair for 100 bucks and save 61%.
Good Choices above. Also at AudioAdvisor is MIT Terminator 2 in Single and BiWire versions.
I'd suggest you take a listen to Goertz MI 2 Cu ..They are outstanding and the price is very competitive. I switched to these after talking to a friend at Thiel who gave me this as one of many suggestions. I'm pleased. I suggest you look seriously at these.
I have experience with the four cables mentioned above and to my ears by far the best is the Goertz. You should consider the TMC Gold speaker cable, "The Music Cable". The TMC is one of the best cable I have heard regardless of price and can be purchased at auction from the manufacturer for about the price you want to pay.
i'd have to agree with a post above and also suggest the alpha core m1 2. on the advice of a trusted friend i purchased this cable and ics and have'nt looked back since. exceptional value, delivering everything you could want out of a cable costing many times what it is priced at.
audition and you will probably keep it. oustanding product period.
I have seen MIT MH-750 Plus speaker cables for about 250 right here on Audigon. A little more then what you want to spend but in my opinion this is the best bang for the buck in this price range for anything.
I like my $90 8-foot pair of DH-Labs T-14 as well as $400+ Cardas. You don't always get better cable for more money.