Good 6922 tube for my CJ ET-3 SE pre-amp?

This is a follow-up to my recent thread on lowering the noise floor produced by my CJ ET-3 SE pre-amp. I called CJ and they seem pretty sure the issue is in the stock tube (Electroharmonix 6922) and even suggested I try a Telefunken. What other 6922's (or equivalent) should I be considering?
Amperex USN-CEP 7308 is one of the finest. The Mullards are very good also.
Telefunken, Amperex, Mullard et al are all good NOS tubes. But I just put a pair of EAT 6922 tubes in my GAT and I must say everything improved by quite a margin.
Mullard CV2493/6922 NOS.
The Amperex 7308's that Mofimadness mentions were always my favorite 6DJ8 variant.

I just stumbled upon an old box load of tubes that I used to use in a BAT VK-51SE & BAT VK-P10SE w/ Super-Pak phono stage. I knew I had the box somewhere, but I couldn't find it. Lot's of 6H30's, 7308's, 6922's even some 12AU7's too. I'm stumped where all my 6SN7's are though, I thought they'd be in that box too. Now I just have to find a tube tester. ;)
Hi Shoff,

I used EAT tube dampers with Mullard 6922s (Ecc88) and then switched to Amperex 6922 PQ white label...stunning. I also use Amperex (7308) in my Zanden DAC. So i admit it...i like the sound.
One more nod to those Amperex USN-CEP 7308. German-made Valvo Red Labels from the 1960s are also a favorite and less costly. They're kind of a German Amperex PQ. Siemens 7308 get a lot of love but I find them a touch cold. Of course, it all depends on the equipment and your ears.
Mofimadness, what was your experience with tube rolling in ET3SE ?


FWIW, I have owned 3 CJ preamps (PV14L, ACT 2 and now GAT which is the same 'generation' as the ET3SE). The ACT 2 was not as susceptible to tube rolling, but I have found that going from the stock EH to Amperex 6922 to Mullard CV2493 (in my system, the Mullards MUST be used with EAT Tube dampers)...I found the preamp did adjust a meaningful amount. The voicing of the component did not change materially, but I did get a much lower noise floor with the 2 replacement tubes vs stock. I also found a much 'stronger signal' with greater fluidity with the Amperexes over the EH and much greater sense of linearity with the Mullards (which incidentally are the quietest of all...though that is probably tube-specific, as in literally the 2 specific tubes I got from the dealer).

I found the CJ GAT reacted favourably to isolation and damping on top (and by a considerably greater margin than tube rolling). Have not tried the ET3SE. Hope that is somewhat helpful since ET3SE is same tech/generation as GAT. Good luck.
I replaced EH 6922 with USP CEN 6922 ( for lush sound).
I found stock EH 6922 to be harsh at top end.
Whatever tubes you choose to purchase, be certain they are screened/graded for low noise. That's important for use in a preamp. ie: (
Big CJ fan here. I like both the ET-3 SE and ACT 2 Series 2 models. It is nteresting to read about the various tubes that can be rolled into these pre-amps.

Keep the flow going and Happy Listening!
I'm using Voskhod 6n23p which is a Russian 6922 variant with excellent results in my c-j Classic 2 SE. I tried a few EH and they were noisy either right off the bat or very shortly after install. The 6n23p tube sounds better in my opinion, well balanced, excellent dynamics , excellent mid and highs. This tube is rugged,very quiet, and long lasting, 1.5 years with no problems so far.
I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Genelex Gold Lion 6922 re-issue. I like it very much in my CJ Classic 60 amp. You might want to try it in your CJ pre-amp.
My friend and I both have GAT preamps. We have pretty much settled on Gold Lions. Never an issue, sound really good and last a long time.