Good 5.1 surround music CD s?

There aren't many 5.1 channel surround music CD's available yet, either in Dolby Digital or DTS. I recently purchased two DTS-encoded albums of big band music on the DMP label with I think have good music that is well recorded. One is a CD of music originally played by the Glenn Miller band, and the other is music written by Duke Ellington. On my audio/HT system, I found both recordings to have excellent sound quality with enough balanced surround to nicely fill out the listening envelope. Has anyone else heard some good DD or DTS-encoded music disks that they can recommend?
I enjoy the DTS audio CD Herb Alpert: Pasion Dance. I think that one is really well done. I am also a Sting fan, so I have Brand New Day, Ten Summoner's Tales and the Police: Every Breath You Take in DTS. I like them as a different take on the original CDs but over all, they do some goofy stuff with the placement of instruments.