Good 4 ohm amp for driving Polk Audio LSi9 speaker

I'm purchasing a s set of Polk Audio LSi9 speakers and noticed that they need an amp that can drive 4 ohm speakers. Give me your favorite integrated amps for a job like this...both tube and SS under $1,500....thanks!
I have a pair too.
I Recommend
Sansui Au-717 or AU-719 or other late seventies models.
Yamaha ca-1000 or ca-800
Both of these can be had for under $400.00
Don't forget to have a good tech bias the amp.
If you have not heard these vintage amps, your in for a surprize, and an awakening!
Hello, This is a very fruitful category beings there are many 4 ohm capable amplifiers in that bracket. I'll just list what I've used in the past for 4 ohm capable speakers, in general, not just on Polk Audio LSi's.

NAD, Parasound, Classe, Rotel, Cary Audio, Manley, ASL, Radii...just to name some off the cuff. All of those manufacturers have choices available on the used/new market for your stated budget.

Enjoy, hope you found a choice, figuring that you did...since the post is in February : - )

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