Good $2k Used Speakers for 20wpc tube amp

Hi Folks,

I recently entered the world of good audio equipment (very recently--last Friday) by purchasing a Manley Stingray integrated amp to replace the 16 year old rotel that had given up the ghost. My system is: NAD 525BEE CD player, Music Hall MMF 2.1 Turntable, older Phonomena Phono Amp (bought used from a friend), Stingray, and 16 year old Boston Accoustics T930-II speakers, which seem the weak link. I am now looking to replace the non-Stingray/Phonomena pieces as budget allows, speakers first.

The Manley has two modes, U/L (40wpc), and Triode (20 wpc). It makes sense to me to consider speakers that are efficient enough to use both. Can people point me in the direction of speakers that may run about $2k used, give or take, and would be a good comlement to the Stingray? Thanks very much.
what is the size of your listening room and music you listen too?
Thanks for asking, I should have included: 12 feet wide by rougly 30 feet long, with a staircase that bisects the room. Cathedral cielings, about 12 feet high at highest point. Not ideally shaped, but what can you do? Pretty broad music tastes, most of my collection rock/soul/funk, but recently collecting more classical.
coincident conquest, super conquest, eclipse or super eclipse all rated at 94db or better, great with SET's and sound amazing.
There is test in TAS (3/09) on a new Cerwin-Vega cls-215 speaker at a grand retail. From everything they say plays loud and easy to drive and maybe as good as most in the 5k region.
I would strongly urge you to consider the Reynaud Offrandes. I've owned these in the past. They are fantastic. Do a search. There is a pair currently listed in your price range. The designer is a big fan of the Stingray.
Maybe Devores, Zu Tones or DALI Ikon 6s. They all are very efficient speakers that will match well with tubes.
just saw a pair of meadowlark heron 2i for sale here.. 2k for 7k spkr. 90 db. u may find bass for rock not as dramatic as ss amps tho so sometimes there is a tradeoff between the 2 types of power source. ntl, the herons are a fabulous spkr and at this price are a steal. classical will sound superb however along with vocals and acoustic instruments. fwiw, i have no relation to seller
oops, overlooked you apparently already were using strike the ss gear inference
Take a look at Reference 3a products .
I have the Di Capo i's . They are tube friendly at 92db.
eff. with 8 ohms impedence and a nominal impedence of 6 ohms . They are a two way design with only a capacitor for a crossover network and very good extension on both ends . Quite neutral and resolving .
You should be able to pick up a pair these standmounts for @ $1200 or a pair of the Veena floorstanders for a couple of hundred more .

Good luck .
Agree that the Heron i, if well cared for, is a steal.

Don't know that 20W/ch will do. I had original Blue Herons vertically biamped w/300W/ch hybrid amps years back and got glorious sound. Never tried lower power, though.
Try the Merlin TSM's. You won't get full range but what you get is fantastic.
Living Voice speakers are excellent with tube amplification - the Auditorium is definitely within your price range but if you could stretch to 2.5k or thereabouts, the Avatar is definitely worth the extra.
Highly recommend Zu Druids. I'm using an 8w 300B SET amp and they fill my large, open room beautifully. They can "rock" with 8w in my large room...with 20w/ch you could peel paint off the walls. They are very musical and coherent (being driven from 40Hz through 10kHz by a single driver).

Having looked back at past Agon threads, it appears that Zu elicits some passion both for and against. I have no dog in the fight other than having recently tried these speakers and found them very compelling for my room and spouse considerations. Highly recommended!!!
Another recommendation for Zu Druids (look for Mk IV). I'm using them with a 15wpc Unison S2K (KT 88 tubes) and I can confirm they fill a large room.
You can look at Parker Signature 98 Speakers not very well known in Audiophile circles,But were made for SET Amplification in mind and is well under your budget. I have the model one lower then this playing my SET Amp in Triode mode of 1.8 watts. I have a 12x 28 foot living room and they fill up the space okay with sound.
Just type in Parker Audio and u will find his web site.
Thanks for all the ideas, much appreciated! You have given me a lot to read and think about. Always a trick, not being able to listen to most of the speakers in question. I am particularly intrigued by the Zu Druids. Regardless, I will let you know what I wind up doing, and if anyone has any other ideas please let me know.