Good $250 Power Cord

Would the Audience power cord be the best option for my solid state amp in the $250ish range used?

Try whatever your heart desires, then a Synergistic Research AC Power Coupler. I'll bet it's the one you'll keep. Opens up the sound stage, great dynamics and solid, fast bass drive. With or without the active shielding, they are great PCs. You can try most through these guys, then keep the one you like: ( ) Click on, "Power" then "Show All", and it's really easy to peruse everything they've got in stock. My second choice, in your price range, would be a Kimber PowerKord 10 Gold.
Rodman, nice source. If has pictures attached, that would be nicer.
TG Audio Silver used is a low cost fave of mine.
Another one that you could possibly get for close to this price is the LessLoss DFPC. It is a really nice cord.
NASA- I agree it would be nice if they posted pics. Think of all the storage that would consume on their site though(They've quite an inventory).
concierto cables used might fall near $300. they not only sound great, they are user friendly - they flex well like the audience, but sound more full.