Good 2 way speaker

I have a Wadia 850 directly balance to a Bryston 3B ST. I am looking for the best 2 way monitor for my system. I listen to mostly Jazz, vocal. Price can range to $2k-$10K. Thanks for your advice.
Audition Revel Gems and Verity Parcifals.
Sonus Faber,of course.
B&W Silver signature, $8000 you get stand, and cables included in price. Sure bet!
Try Verity Audio's Parcifal or their smaller model. They are extremely musical. In the way real music is. Not hifi! These are beautiful speakers made for 2 channel music reproduction at it's best.
Try the B&W 805 Nautilus, I've got them and they're great. Try them out, I bet you'll like them. Only 2000 dollars to instead of 8000 for the signatures. They just got Class A in Stereophile, need I say more?
My setup is similar to yours with the difference being that I own a Wadia 830. I currently use Totem Model 1 Signatures as speakers which sound very good in my small room. However, if I had your identical preference in music and "deep pocket", I would purchase either the B&W Nautalis 805, Dynaudio Contour 1.3 MKII SE or the B&W Silver Signatures. Another suggestion you might want to consider, which falls within your budget is to upgrade the 3B-ST to a Sim Audio Moon W-5 amplifier and purchase a pair of Totem Mani-2 speakers. This combo is simplfy fantastic with no compromise in bottom end resolution. BTW, what interconnects and speaker cables are you using with your current setup????
Thanks matchy! I am using Synergistic Cables. I just ordered a pair of Joseph RM22si to a 2 week trial. Friends told me to try Ayre V3 too.
try the NORH 9.0's which among the similarly priced competition above uses some of the best components made. The revelator drivers are used in various speakers upwards of 55-60,000 dollars + an awsome unconventional design
ProAc 2.5 Speaker is one you should consider.
If you only want a stand mounted monitor, then either the Dynaudio Confidence 3, or a Sonus Faber Electa Amator (older version with Esotar tweeter). IF YOU WOULD LIKE THE BEST VALUE IN FLOORSTANDERS, THEN THE PARAGON RANDIANT AT $2850/
monitor implies to me here ---small, accurate, natural. the spendor s3/5 seems worth a listen. if youve ever heard or owned rogers LS3/5As, you heard very natural voice reproduction, this speaker is the natural decendant of the rogers. im looking to go along in that direction myself with a fried model h sub and some unusual xovers(very steep,and flexible--krohn-heit). will get you to the distrubitor and the tas review.