Good 2 channel amp to pair with Integra DTR 9.9

I am new to this great forum and need some assistance trying to add a 2 channel amp to run my main speakers
(Tyler Acoustics D20's).I have run this set up prior with other equipment but after 20 years I have started upgrading. I would like at least 300 wpc min.and the room is approx. 15'x15'. Although the Integra can push these speakers, I would like to have dedicated power to them.I am looking in the $2500.00 to $3500.00 range. The intent is use this amp in a 2 channel amp in a dedicated 2 channel set up later but hey one thing at a time. Thanks
You might consider 2 mono's also. Bryston is an excellent choice and amps are one of the "safer" components to buy used. Check if you have a high-end audio dealer close to you & request a home audition to hear some for yourself. Your price range will "help" dealers in wanting to work with you.
Sounds good, Thank you for the time!!