Good 2.0 speakers subwooferless

Any recommendations? The background is that now I have a Klipsch 2.1 system, but I'd like a reasonable-sounding speaker that does without a subwoofer, for aesthetic reasons. I get my major audio jones from my actual system, but just want something that I can play the occasional song through without gritting my teeth.

Looked at the smaller Audioengine speakers, but would, if possible, like to find something smaller than 6" tall.

Any suggestions much appreciated.
You want a less than 6" tall speaker and would like it to have some bass output? Good luck with that...

Here we go!!!!!
Nowhere in the list of desired attributes does it say "I want bass." "Without gritting my teeth" means a sufficiently acceptable balance between aesthetics (not wanting an ugly box at my lovely glass desk), and reasonable sound. Hence the request, in the hopes that someone has heard something reasonable.

If someone has heard something that would meet that need, please chime in. Thanks in advance.
NHT Superzeros.
Thanks for the suggestion, Swampwalker. They were a little tall for my needs. I went for the UCube USB speaker. The aesthetics were pleasing, and it either came down to those or the Olasonic eggs. I just couldn't get behind the looks of the Olasonics.

Interestingly, the UCube is made by an audio cable company, Ultralink.