Good $1K amp with records?

Hi there, I am looking for your comments on a good 2 channel amp for my home record deck set-up. I have a pair of Technics SL1200 MKII turntables (Ortofon NC styli) and my IPOD and a CD player running into a Rane Empath Mixer, which is roughly a preamp with 3 phono stages that is really nice. This is feeding a Crown DC 300 which powers my KEF C-55 UNI-Q speakers. I also have a Stewart amp that runs my sub woofer.

The Crown is a little sterile sounding and is not dead quiet at idle (it may need new caps). I am looking for a nice clean and warm amp that puts out 100 to 150 WPC to power the KEFs. I am pondering going tube again. I used to have a pair of Mcintosh MC30s running into a pair of 15in Sephens trusonic Coaxial 15s (poor man's Tannoy) that sounded breath taking but took up a lot of space.

Have any ideas? I'm thinking about a used Krell or Bryston for under $1300.

Also, I love my speakers but may upgrade in the near future to some that can take the abuse that come with vinyl's dynamic range. I am open to comments on those too. I love coaxials.

Cheers, Joel
IMO a used Krell "50" would be better (slightly warmer) than a Bryston. However, the rated wattage is lower (~50W). You'll also have think about changing the electrolytics in an old amp -- that's another 150-200. Not a bad deal, overall.
Threshold SA3 is a bit less expensive than the Krell KSA50; I prefer Threshold and this is a good one. A Bryston 3b or 4b is also an excellent amplifier and there are always a few for sale; get one with warranty so you know it is no more than 20 years old.

Levinson 27.5 at 1700, or so, is a wonderful option and great sounding; used one for years and then switched to tubes with a LOT less power.

VTL tube amps are a great value on the used market.