'Goner thoughts on potential compatability issue?


Not sure if this is the proper place to post and it's a shot in the dark but here goes....just sold a Jolida JD-100 cdp player with a Parts Connection Level 1 modification here on A'gon. Recipient hooked up to an Audible Illusions Modulus 3 Preamp and a Vincent Audio SP-331 Hybrid Power Amplifier. I'm told sound is distorted and breaking up, sounds horrible. The same is true when using headphones. A different pair of tubes was tried, same result. The unit was packed well, triple-boxed and insured...could it still have sustained some mortal damage in transit? Any ideas as to what else could possibly be causing this problem? Any thoughts will be appreciated........
Best if you just take it back. Refund the guys money.
No way to know what happened.
Sorry to say that is what you should do.

(At least he did not wait a month and then tell you it is messed up)
Try different inputs and cables.
You've got a point, Elizabeth. Thanks all.
Suggest the buyer try it with another system if possible, or try another CD player again with target system but if not just take it back.