Goner's your Top Five Picks for Preamps & Amps

What are your top five picks for Preamps and Amps.I am listing to CONRAD JOHNSON,Premier 16LS2 AND CONRAD JOHNSON
MF2500,and JM LAB 926 Speakers now,I like tube Preamps and solid state Amps.What are your choices.I would like more FIRE and DEPTH and LIFE to the Music. Thank you.
hmmm...researching this one...I have a CJ Pr.16LS2 as well.

Its been suggested that I get a

1. CJ Prem.16/LS2 with a Rowland Model 10
2. CJ Prem. 16/LS2 with a Premier 140 (rarer than hen's teeth)
3. Hovland HP100 with a Pass X-250
4. Lamm LL2 with a Gamut D 200
If you want to stick with c-j, I've heard several people say that the new MF-2250a is a substantial upgrade over the 2500 even though it has lower power.

Also, if you wanted to explore tube amps but didn't want to moev all the way up to the new Premier 140, the MV-60SE is supposed to be very nice and might be easier to live with (i.e., smaller size, less heat, etc.).
I like CJ gear but feel it lacks in the timing department and the bass can be a bit off. The CJ preamps are soem of the best in the worls, bar none but I like what Blue Circle does. I woudl suggest the BC24 or beter yet the hybrod 120 watt BC28! The sweetness of a tube amp with complete control of the bass
Power amps:
Any of the Lamms are good.
Halcro is very good (high resolution).
Tenor audio has some good tube amps.
ASL Hurricane is a must audition (affordable).
spectron Musician II (affordable digital).
Van Alstine (affordable hybrid).

Hovland HP100
Aesthetix castillo
First Sound
CTC Blowtorch
SCE HRS to Placette Passive (affordable)
ARC SP-3A1 w/Futterman OTLs
ARC SP-6 w/ARC D-150
ARC SP-10 w/ARC D79
MFA Luminescence w/MFA M-150s
SF Line 3SE w/Wavestream Kinetics V8s