Gon bonkers with def tech...help..

Currently using these for a 70/30 ht/music set up. 7004 towers, 2 sets of bps 2x for surrounds, 2300 clr center and super cube II. I have received some great info on the gon re speaker adjust, bass mgtmnt, sound staging etc. Since my initial set up and not knowing much, i have used the info and noticed great improvement in overall dynamics and sound quality.

Here is my question. I have noticed that, well, many Goners consider these more like a double cheese burger at mcdonalds than a steak at Mortons. NOW, its starting to get in my head. Am i missing out big time with these speakers? Did my local audio guy totally point me in the wrong direction?? Is it their design that Goners dont like or just the sound in general? I did spend $4200 for this set up, not alot of $$ to most but alot to me, so i mean they cant be that bad right? Any insight would be greatly appreciated
For the money you have to spend, the Definitive Technology speakers are really nice. I don't think that you were steered wrong, don't worry about what audiophiles with bigger budgets or anyone else thinks.

I used to have a setup like yours years ago, the only regret that I have about it is, for me personally, I wish that I had all of the money that I spent for everything and spent it on a much better stereo.

IMO, having a really, really good stereo and then hooking your DVD up to it lights my fire more than all of the surround sound. But that's me, and like most people, I bought some here and added the rest later as the money became available.
How does it sound to you ?

If you are happy with it, then that is all that matters.

Keep what you currently have and maybe later on down the road you can upgrade to something else, but for now at least you have a starting point.
The steak will cost you many thousands more, do you not like the sound?

The audio dealer probably is pushing that line of speaker. If you can find a dealer that picks what they like to sell, you'll have a better shot at getting something that is a great value.
Do you like the way they sound? If so you made a good decision. Is there better out there? The answer to that question is always yes. Put on a movie or some tunes and enjoy.
id say for your ht/movie mix you made a good choice, i think definitive technologies makes excellent home theater speakers, but only reasonable music speakers. If you were far more interested in music than movies id probably suggest something else. otherwise enjoy

for home theater applications they offer an aweful lot of bang for your buck.
Do you like the sound? Thats what really matters. I like my sound BRIGHT compaired to most people. BAD? Sound is subjective.
Who cares what anyone else thinks. You don't need approval from A'Goners.
How does it sound to you? That is the only question that matters. Enjoy what you have :)
How do they sound to you? That's really all that matters. Def Tech gets the cheesburger rep b/c they offer so much for their price. When you look at the number of drivers, then factor in that many models come with built in subs you get a great bargain. There is a great deal of snobbishness amongst audiophiles, so bargains are often looked down upon. Ignore them, the real question you should ask yourself is are you a dipole person? I have mixed feelings about them. Some songs really benefit from the added soundstage and diffuse sound, while others are better off with the focus and detail of a direct radiator. I think Def Techs are much closer to Logans's and Magnapan's in they way they present music then conventional speakers. And they don't have the bass issues of the former two designs. How about Von Schweikert? There's another "Morton's" type name brand that will sound alot closer to your Def Tech's then a pair of B&W's ever will. Relax, have fun with your speakers, and decide for yourself if you like them.
Dzigon, Muzikat is spot on. I can't tell you how many times someone has told me that I was just foolish using certain speakers or amps or cables or... You get the idea. Don't let anyone talk you into or out of what you like. Even now after years of this crazy hobby, my favorite artist is Willie Nelson. Now tell me how many Audiophiles will say that with pride. This is a great forum to get ideas, not absolute answers. Have fun and spend more time listening to music instead of advise.
"Currently using these for a 70/30 ht/music set up"

"Did my local audio guy totally point me in the wrong direction??"

Nope, those are very good speakers for your needs...I think your audio guy pointed you to kick-ass hometheater speakers that also sound pretty darn good on music.

I agree with Muzikat 100%

Muzikat and SoGood are totally correct ... if you enjoy what you're hearing, give up on the doubt stuff. There will ALWAYS be something better, whether because of a cable, an outlet, an amp or speakers ... this game is NEVER over. If you get a thrill from what you're hearing, sit back and enjoy it.
Yea if you are at 70/30 HT heavy, then the DEFS are a great choice, if music were the biggest deal that might be a diffrent road but as it is I think you got a great thing goin for you...dont sweat the small stuff ENJOY MATERIAL!

The Def Techs 7004 towers are fine speakers both aesthetic and performance wise. I think that they get knocked in audiophile circles because they are marketed as HT speakers and not as serious audiophile fare. So what?

My main system speakers are Acoustic Research 302's ... 10 year old; 3 way speakers that are a throwback in terms of appearance (2' X 1" X 1" large bookshelf variety), but for $1000 produce very realistic and credible bass down to 35hz. They were reviewed very favorably by a number of audiophile magazines, including Stereophile who gave them a "D" recommendation. Meanwhile, the pint sized B&W 302's, that sounded very ordinary and died at a 100 hz, were given a "C" recommendation. Yeah, I know ... the glorious midrange.

Many people do not know how to listen or listen for something other than music. Go to a few trade shows and pay attention to your fellow audiophiles' fawning reactions to some of the mediocre equipment that's out there. I have heard more people go completely ga ga over some of the "true" audiophile speaker brands that quite frankly hurt my ears.

Satisfaction in this hobby comes not only from experience and learning, but also from having confidence in your choices. Be comfortable in making the distinctions that matter to you or someday you will find yourself spending $500 on speaker cable for those Bose 501's.

Regards, Rich
From your listening preferences above .Looks like you made the right move. The Deftecs are terrific for HT..I loved the hell out of mine.

Just don't get carried away trying to make them into a serious music speaker. If you follow too much advice on cabling and power cords as tone controls. As I saw a friend do once.You'll find yourself broke with terrific HT speakers.LOL

As long as you enjoy them at what they do great. You'll be just fine.

I agree with the Muzikat's statement that recommendeds not paying too much attention to what people here think about your choice. If you are happy, does it really matter?

For the record though, I think for your needs you did just fine. I recommend enjoying your speakers and filtering out the outside "noise," so to speak.

Happy listening,

Yep, if movies are your thing, DT is a good choice. But for serious listening (to music that is), a resounding "I don't think so". That 30% of the time would have to be background listening from another room.

Dino stomps, explosions, and train crashes however, are superb....

To all,

Thanks for the feedback. I sat down last and sampled 10 dvds, from Saw to Polar Express(dont laugh, my dtr made me, plus i think its pretty neat) to Dave Gruisen, Star wars episode 1 etc.. Pure enjoyment.... The main reason for the post was mainly to see if the sound i am enjoying is actually HOW it should sound (HT). I listened to B&W's when i purchased my system with some of the same source material above and still went back to the def tech. I really liked the way the sound would wrap around the listening position. B&W seemed flat(imo). Now my big thing is DVD concerts. Ex. Eric Claptons "Crossroads" When Larry Carlton plays its like the entire band is in my basement. I can hear every 32nd note Steve Vai hits, trully amazing...When i put in a cd i do notice that there is a drop off in that quality. MAYBE i need to put some thought into how i can improve that...
Dude, if you like those Def Techs you ain't gonna beat 'em for the price you paid.

A lot of people on here are of like mind when it comes to components. Just because they post either negatively about your line of speakers or gush over some other brand name doesn't mean you would feel the same even if you had identical listening experiences to theirs.

Here's a little story that will make you smile and turn back to your Def Techs. Although I don't have my HT system listed here, it consists of a Denon AVR-3300 receiver, 4 Infinity RS-3 bookshelf speakers, an Infinity CC-3 center, and a Velodyne CT-120 sub. All are over 5 years old, are long since out of production, and if one were patient enough to find them on the 'net he could buy the entire system for just over $1k. I know it's not the best out there, but it keeps me happy and engrossed in movies and TV. Suffice it to say, my HT isn't going anywhere for several more years.

Sorry to cut this short, but I hear a movie calling my name...
I use the top line BP 7000's in 2 channel. I'm still grappling with them to see if they will ultimately be to my liking for music. But you did fine for HT with a little music. Def Techs are big bang for your buck speakers.
OK, I'm late, but I would like to chime in. I just sold my old system, because I didn't have the space to enjoy it: Maggie 3.6R's, Innersound Amp, Anthem Surround Pre McIntosh 2 channel pre, Velodyne DD12 sub, modified reference disk player, and for a short time, a Clearaudio Solution turntable. I replaced with a Denon reciever and Def Tech 7004's with a 2500 CLR center. Since all have a powered sub, I didn't get a sub, and didn't need alot of power out of my front end, which is now a Denon reciever. Did the old system sound better? Without question. Did it sound 600% better (cost difference)? No. Moving up in audio, I have learned, is about the marginal changes, not really about quantum leaps.

I really have loved the Def Techs. I am actually a little surprised. I am impressed enough, that I will prob have my Denon modified, and buy a seperate power amp to see if I can get a little more out of them.

Enjoy, they are a very nice, complete speaker, with a great lower end, and an excellent soundstage.

When i first finished my room and set up, i was running everything from my Yamaha. I was pleased or so i thought. Then I found the Gon and puchased an Adcom 7607 7ch amp and some Taralab interconnects(hey, for $90 i think they sound great for now. Yamaha has good bass mgt system so i set bass out to the mains and sub(def tech super cube II) and crossed over at 90. HUGE, HUGO difference...Soundstaging is dramatically better. I know the Yamaha as a pre/pro isnt even low end for most Goners but I can honestly say there are no changes coming down the pipe for quite some time. This was a case where upgrading intelligently( Adcom $675 on the gon)actually gave me a great, great, great, return on my investment

Thanks for the response, I am pleased to see that someone else actually owns and enjoys these speakers.