Gomez live?

I just bought tickets to Gomez here in West Michigan, Has anyone had a chance to see these guys live yet?

Whats your take on the band live compared to the awesome discs the have out>
Who else will be with him?
I saw Gomez last summer. I am only somewhat familiar with their music after hearing a couple of cuts on my favorite College radio station. They sounded very good, but I don't own one of their disc for reference.

I'm not familiar enough with this band to plunk down cash to see them, but they were a good fit for the festival at which I saw them.


who is gomez?

god i feel old.

I assume It's Eddie Gomez, the member of Chick Corea and Friends...

You missed by a mile! Here is a quick blurb copied from Amazon.com.

Editorial Reviews
It can't be said enough: Gomez is probably the most unlikely name for a five British kids who worship Tom Waits and the Grateful Dead. But that's nothing compared to their sound, a growling brand of blues-rock that sounds like it originates on the Mississippi rather than the Thames. The group's previous album, 2002's In Our Gun, was all about experimenting in the studio. Split the Difference, then, is Gomez getting back on track. The band makes a decent attempt to revive the homemade feel of its early recordings, turning up at least two winners in "Extra Special" and "Sweet Virginia," but it seems like a compromise. While the three-part harmonies soar, a distinct lack on inspiration suggests the band would rather have another go at pushing buttons and name-checking Kraftwerk. "We Don't Know Where We're Going" seems to say it all. --Aidin Vaziri


a mile or century??
Gomez is an eccentric cigar-smoking millionaire lawyer who lives in a spooky Victorian mansion with his slender wife, Morticia [née Frump]. When his wife, Morticia speaks the French language it drives Gomez crazy with desire. As Gomez would say "Tish!, when you speak French, it drives me wild, Cara Mia!" He would then grab her arm and plant a trail of kisses from her hand up to her waiting lips.
I have all of their discs and caught their live show in Atlanta a couple of months ago. I did not care for it. The music was abrasive and more of a jam session.

Just my opinion...

Brad Day
Atlanta, GA
I saw them in Ottawa recently as part of their current N. American tour.

The live set was a joy to watch. Right off the bat, you got the impression that it was just a bunch of blokes from the UK jamming in a basement (or wherever musicians jam in the UK). Guys were cracking jokes at each others expense, involving the audience and just being very down-to-earth about the whole thing. Lots of newer stuff, but they played some "classics" that the whole audience just sang along to.

The accoustics of the venue was pretty bad in my opinion, but overall I wouldn't have traded the overall experience. Enjoy the show!

BTW, they played with a band called Stabilo; from Vancouver I think. Just two guys playing accoustic sets. Pretty good actually.
There touring with "The Thrill"

I found these guys thru a friend, the lead singer has a voice the you love or hate.....Myself I haveta say I like,I really would like to see the band in a live jam as it sounds I will. I guess I think of them as a Pink Floyd/ Stones of the 00's
i had the serious hots for morticia when i was a kid .

have theese guys been around long enough to have classics?

I saw them at Roseland in NYC on their second album tour. They were not as strong live as their first two albums would lead you to believe. They were very young, they are still very young, and gave me the impression of a live work in progress. While I was impressed with their ability to harmonize, their instrument acumen was subpar and their audience interaction was poor.

I feel that their last few albums are nowhere near as good as the first two. That is sad because I thought that they had an opportunity to become a major force considering the junk that passes as music these days.