Goldring With a VPI?

Hi folks. Looking for a good quality mm cartridge to run with my VPI Scout in the sub $500 range. Seriously considering the Goldring 1042 (or near equivalent Reson Reca/Audio Note IQ2). Most people using these cartridges have Rega-based tonearms. I am wondering if anyone has used any of these with a VPI Scout/JMW9? I'd appreciate your thoughts.
P.S. The reason moving magnet is I'd like to have a user replaceable stylus--I'm more of a set it and forget it type guy. Plus, my SP16 needs at least 2.5mv output.
Well.... I use one with a VPI-19JR W/PT6 arm(pt8 upgrade cable) and sounds pretty darn good in my system. With a superior table like the Scout this cartridge should work wonders IMHO!
I used a Goldring 1042 with my Scout when I first bought the turnable. All in all, I was very happy with it. The TNT Audio website review of the cartridge corresponded well with my impression of it. The Goldring was getting a little well used, so I decided to try a Grado Sonata. The Grado is a little more refined sounding, but lacks the excitement and dynamic slam of the Goldring. I think for Rock, Jazz, Blues, etc. the Goldring is excellent. I would very seriously consider the Reson Reca in the future. It sounds like it improves on all the areas the the Goldring could use more refinement. Will