Goldring vs. Ortofon - Thoughts?

I'm curious to know which cartridge has the better reputation among Audiogon members - the Goldring 1012GX, or the Ortofon Vivo Blue?

Briefly, the stylus on my Goldring 1012GX broke during a move, so I replaced it with the less expensive Ortofon Vivo Blue. While I'm generally satisfied with the Ortofon, I sometimes wonder if the top end is a bit less silky than the Goldring, or if it's just my imagination. It's been about a year since I switched carts, so my memory of the Goldring sound is shaky at best. Does anyone have direct experience using these two carts?

As a side note, I have no idea how people can claim that one cartridge sounds better than another without doing a direct a/b comparison (preferably a double-blind comparison). All other tests appear way too subjective.
I cannot answer your question, but if you go with Goldring get 1042, at least 1042 stylus, it is much better than lesser Goldring. 1042 is a very good cartridge. Ortofon is bright.
Inna, I think you're mistaken about Ortofon being "bright".

If by bright, you mean "open with clear extension", then maybe I understand (although bright would a misnomer).

I think it's a fair assessment to say that a Vivo Blue is less silky than a Goldring. Whether that's a good or bad thing, that certainly stands to reason depending on your preference.

Louis / Ortofon