Goldring GR-1.2, NAD 533 -- any difference?

Hi. Newbie question. I am interested in getting into vinyl and am looking for an entry level turntable that's easy to set up. Two budget turntables that I have heard good things about are the NAD 533 and the Goldring GR-1.2. They are both, I understand Rega P2 clones. However, the NAD lists for $100 more than the Goldring. Is there a difference that justifies the higher price of the NAD?
(The records I have are mostly rock and classical. Some Jazz too. My amp is the Rotel 1062 integrated, which has a phono stage).
I've not laid eyes on the Goldring, but so far as I know, it's the same table, same platter, same arm, even fitted with the same cartridge. The price difference is a marketing decision, nothing more. NAD is a more established brand in the U.S., and its reputation allows it to charge a little more.
Thanks! That certainly makes the decision easier. The plinth, platter and cartridge seemed the same from what I had read. I just wasn't sure about the arm.
the arm on the nad533 is a bit better than the one on the Goldring. check this out:

nad533 uses the oem1 arm and the goldring uses the gr 1

review of the goldring table:

review of the nad533:
Well, I stand corrected--slightly. But given the trivial differences between those arms, I'd say that the Goldring was clearly the better value.
another important difference may be that the Goldring mount is not the standard Rega mount. Meaning that it is not a drop-in for other tables that may accomodate an RB*. This is someting to think about - you might want to put that RB250 on another platform later.

I am not sure how you would add spacers to that arm either. The standard spacers might not fit with the goldring arm so adjusting for VTA is locked in. Maybe you can use another spacer made for that able but it should be something to look into before buying.

Also the goldring will not accomodate the Pete Riggles VTAF.
I own a Goldrin GR1.2 and did a review on it over at AudioAsylum. Its a great table for the money.

The arm base is quite differant. It uses the RegaP9 3 point mounting method. Much more stable and rigid. But, unfortunately, its plastic. As far as I know, no one makes an aftermarket spacer or replacement for that arm base. Thats why I was asking what other carts are a good swap match for the cart that comes with it so I can upgrade without worrying about VTA. All the other upgrades do work with this table.
if it uses a p9 base for the arm then you can add a rega spacer using the riser nut that's made for the p9 which reaches up thru the plinth to get a grip on the threads.

then you can use any cart.
I remember reading something that indicated that the Goldring is NOT a Rega P2 clone--the design is similar, but not the same. This would help explain why it's cheaper than the P2 or the NAD. Presumably, it won't perform as well, although, given the good press, it should be a good turntable for the price.

As far as I know, the NAD is very similar to the Rega. (But don't quote me on this!) The one difference I know of is that the platter was different in the early years, although I think Rega started using the NAD-style platter later on.
Thanks everyone for all the helpful information! I think I am beginning to get a feel for the difference. Given that my budget's kind of tight, I believe I will poke around for a while and see if I can turn up a demo or refurbished NAD. If not, I guess I'll go with the Goldring.
One problem with your plan Mbrooker. The old NAD turntables used the old style pre-2000 rega motor mounts. Thats a bad thing. Rega finnally admitted their poor design and upgraded the motor and mount in 2000. Warbled speed variations is one such problem they had. Also stability over time. I really don't know how they designed the Goldring after the fact a few years ago. I would assume they did it right. Or better than pre2000 issues.
Hmmm. Thanks for the warning. Do you know if NAD updated that design in 2000 as well? Is there any way to tell which it has?
As far as I understand NAD hasn't made their turntables in 7-10 years or so. You can only buy them used. Definately modeled off the old Rega build from pre-2000.