Goldring Gerard Louis Specs?

I've recently acquired a "new" turntable (LP12 circa '74) and to my surprise the Goldring cartridge the seller said it came with is a limited edition 1986 Goldring Gerard Louis .25mV Moving Coil cartridge that looks like it was barely used.

Outside of the fact that the body is hand carved African Black Wood, the internals are gold plated and it has a Boron cantilever with a Van Den Hul fine-line stylus I can find no other information or specifications online. I sent Goldring a message to see if they could give me any more specs/information on it but I figured I'd see if anyone on here is familiar with this particular cart?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Dear Silvergsx: On Vinyl Engine you can read that the VTF is 2grs. With this spec you already could start to hear it.

You can go too at and will find info about.

regards and enjoy the music,