goldpoint volume controls and switchers

Has anyone used these before? I would appreciate hearing your experiences, especially ergonomics, build quality, any effect(s) on sound quality.


Hi Dan,

I haven't used the goldpoints. But everything I have read has been positive. I did build a 2*24 series stepped attenuator using PRP resistors. I compared it to the ALPS blue that came with my integrated amp and a TKD 2CP-2511. I can tell you it's no contest. The stepped attenuator is far superior. Better clarity, focus and extension. If you can deal with getting up and turning the volume up and down you will be happy with the sonic difference.

After hearing the difference I'm surprised so many expensive preamps and integrated amps use Alps blues. The TKD was superior to the Alps blue. But the stepped attenuator is staying put.
I just ordered a TKD pot as I was afraid that the stepped I looked at would not have enough range of adjustment. What I mean is that another person with the same pre could only use the first step or so before the sound got too loud. The ones I looked at had 1 db steps with 23 positions so I figured 23 db of attenuation. The TKD pot has 50 db of attenuation and is continuously variable. When I have had stepped attenuators I seemed to always want a volume in between the steps. A 46 position switch would probably be fine but the ones I saw were quite expensive. I ended up getting a 2511 [ or 2508, whichever is cheaper] from HIFICOLLECTIVE for 44 pounds; looked like a good compromise between performance, convenience and price. They have some quite interesting parts and the freight to the US isn't bad.
Hi Detredwings, thanks.

Can you point me to any of the things you have read? I can't find much other than the stuff on their website.

Thanks again.

As far as I can tell, military grade build quality - you can hardly go wrong with Goldpoint attenuators - right up there with anything in the market in terms of quality and sound.
Dan you can look up review's and talk regarding the Elma stepped attenuators as well. They make the attenuators for gold-point. I can search for some a little later.

Stanwal I am currently using a 100k 24 stepped series style attenuator and I have no problem with range. My normal listening is between 9 and 11 o'clock. I'm currently waiting for some dale resistors to try building stepped attenuators with only two resistors in the signal path. I figured out my own steps so I could make the steps about 1 1/2 db per step in the area I like to listen to most of my music. Then I plan to buy better attenuators and better resistors in the steps I use most often. I'm building mono attenuators. By the way you will like the TKD it is a nice improvement from the Alps.
All very helpful. Thanks everyone!