Goldnote DS-1000

I am currently using a Goldnote DS-1000 MKii deluxe version for my Preamp/Dac/Streamer and have been generally happy with it. I am now streaming Tidal via the UPnP app and my amp is a Bel Canto E1X. The amp mates well with my Joseph Audio Pulsar 2's. The only issue I have with the Goldnote is it won't decode MQA. So I have been looking at possibly trying the Simaudio Moon 390 or Bel Canto E1X Dac. Both decode MQA but I am not sure either one will sound much better. I don't have the option of a home demo unfortunately. If you have any experience with either of the Simaudio or Bel Canto I would appreciate your opinion. Thanks in advance.
Maybe check out the Cary DMS 700. No analog or HDMI but sounds outstanding. 30 day trial. 
No analog or HDMI but sounds outstanding.