GoldNote 10 or PS Audio Stellar

OK so I think I have narrowed down 2 phonostages: Gold Note PH10 and the new PS Audio Stellar. Does anyone have experience with both or know if one is decisively better? I have a VPI Classic 2 with a Dynavector 20X2L MC Cart and Modwright LS100 Pre. Thanks in advance for your thoughts/advice.
Don't think you can go wrong with either. I've never heard the PS Audio unit but love my Gold Note PH10. Very musical with lots of versatility. Seems both are close in retail price if getting the power supply upgrade to the PH10.
@rsf507, do you get much use out of the multiple "curve" selections?also do you use the upgraded PS?
Not much on the multiple curve although it came in useful once and yes to the upgraded ps, well worth the $$
not ruling it out, just that I have not heard it, I should compare it. One thing that is possible is i have some PS Audio gear I may be able to turn in for credit towards the purchase of the Stellar. Considering all options. I could ask Dan if he has a unit he can send out for demo (14 days i think)