Goldmund Studio-still one of the best?

I can buy one Goldmund Studio in Germany for 3500 euros, the shop claim that Studio is realy (and still)one of the best of all times.Now, i have Wilson Benesch The Circle with Rega RB300(1500 euros new) ,and renewed Benz Micro MC2.
Is Goldmund so much better like price shows, any other sugestions- better and cheeper than old Studio?
Do you live near Germany where service may be had? Would this shop be responsible for set up, insuring it functions properly? I ask because this is a complex turntable.
parts availability is limited I learned when I researched into possibly purchasing a studio and the setup for peak performance is very critical and difficult to accomplish unless your a expert
The Goldmund electronic arm (T3) is not really that reliable. Servicing is a problem with this table. My advice is stay away from it.
Hi Ziva,

I actually own a Studio, and use it as a backup turntable (my main table is a Verdier). First, for a used Studio, 3500 Euros is overpriced - many other used turntables would be preferable, including VPI Aries, Townsend Rock Reference - heck, you could probably get a Verdier Platine for that much. Also, the Goldmund T3 tonearm is really problematic, fussy, and not pleasant to optimize - I wouldn't recommend it to anyone at this point, given the lack of parts availability.
Thanks to all of you,
actualy, i am very far from Germany -Madeira-Portugal, and that can be the problem.Also , i didnt heard Studio yet, from what i heard untill today i liked more Verdier-so Rzado, thank you for your info ,i see that you like more Verdier than Studio.Here in Europe it is not so easy to find good priced used Verdier.
I can arrange also Well Tempered Reference for arround 3000 Euros(new one), what all of you think about that,is Well so good ,or better than Verdier , Vpi , Townsend ,etc.?I like liquid , musical ,relaxed but dynamic,groovy-foot taping sound , and i cant live without deep,extended,detailed, fool bodied bass.Well Reference have all that?I listen to allmost every kind of music.
If you can get a new WT Reference for that price (arm included)do not hesitate. It does everthing you're looking for very well though I cannot say if it is "cutting edge" in any category. I have used one of these for 8 years with no problems and wonderful sound. It is very user friendly once initial setup is accomplished. Nice choice.
Goldmund Studio still beats out most of high dollar turntables. Yes it's T3 or T3F arms are bear to keep it in shape but that is what the Vinyl fun is all about. Once you get used to what is needed, it is not bad at all. Only part I would worry about on Goldmund Studio is the arm belt and they are expensive.

From the price Ziva mentioned, I don't know if that is due to turntable market in Europe or not but seems too high.
Great table - still! Pierre Lurne designed that table and the T3 Arm. His company is called Audiomecca and they make a similar table with a linear tracking arm that is superior to the Studio but still maintains the Studio/t3 virtues such as the best midrange I've ever heard. The table is the J1.
I live in Europe and know these TT's.
The Problem with the Goldmund is, that Goldmund is no longer in Analog Business. Some replacement parts for the T3F are no longer available. And when you are not able to align the arm and table properly, there are not many reasons for you to go for it.

The Well Tempered is a excellent choice and the price here is a bargain. The WT sounds excellent, the set up is simple, it holds the set up and you can change Azimuth/VTA while playing. Overall a superb player.

The Verdier is also very good, but hard to get 2. hand. But good sounding Verdiers need also some attention about fitting with the right arm, solid stand and so on.
I just received one tip from a friend-Airtaxi, about one "direct selling" brand (without dealers, like Resolution Audio in digital)which is Teres (, and it seems to be very interesting.
Any inputs on that brand?Can it be comparable to brands and models from this thread?
I owned a studio for 10+ years with a 3t and then 3TF. Wonderful table, a possible collectable, but this is seriously overpriced for used market, and from a music reproduction value. Unless you're into collectables, pass.
What is good price for used(in exellent condition)Studio with 3T,counting on nowadays music reproduction value.Is it maybe better to go for Teres ,Well Reference(new for 3000usd)or Scheu(Eurolab)?There is one Studio on Ebay (ends tommorow), and at the moment price is 1900 euro.
I have a studio brand new in original box, Ialso have a same era Jos Grado tone arm also new. Had intentions to put it all together but death in family took a toll Then just kept the unit all these years in boxes Now I'm all about front projection home theather and a 4 year and 5 year old Children!
Dollars and Euros are roughly comparable....I paid US$2,000 for a Studio Mk IV new in the box about 15 years ago. The arm, the T3F is a stinker so don't consider it....The T3B sounded a bunch better than the T3F, but both were problematic.....I wouldn't at the pricing offered as they are way too proud of the table/arm combo....Keep what you have.......
Can you tell the physical dimensions (width & Depth )of the Goldmund Studio?? I'm about to inherit one soon and am trying to prepare its new location
Rcrump, I have problems with an SL5 linear arm, which was also sired by Pierre Lurne. Would the T3s be based on the same arm, as far as you know? The SL5 jumps up too frequently, and it seems rather fussy, did you encounter the same kind of problems with the T3s?
Had three friends with T3Bs or T3Fs and they would sometimes misbehave......I used a Shreve Rabco on the Goldmund Studio before I bought the Rockport table over a decade ago........I would be sure that there are parts and service available for the T3B and would not consider the T3F as it paled in comparison to the T3B arms....Had a friend that had his T3B updated to the T3F ad it came back sucking big time so he figured it was the rebuild so he bought a new T3F and it wasn't any better than the rebuild......He also now has a Rockport as he traded off the Goldmund Reference/T3F for the Sirius......Been a lot of years ago......Unless you have support for the parts and service I wouldn't buy the Goldmund arm.........You can likely do better with an ET arm for less money and not have the headaches as one of the Houston group did years ago
Hello fellow audio enthusiasts. The GOLDMUND Studio and T3b, what do you say about a combo that polarises opinion so much, much the same as did the Linn Sondek in its day. If fitting a pivoted arm to the Goldmund Studio you must ensure you deploy the correct spring combo  to balance the suspension, dependant on mass of tonearm; you may need to  add some small pieces of lead to the underside of the top plate to facilitate this. My very good friend Nick has recently fitted a Origin Live Conqueror to one Studio( JVCmotor) with truly excellent results. His other Studio(  papst motor) has the Excellent Goldmund T3b. The T3b is a difficult arm to set up to be sure and requires great care in set up to elicit maximum performance and to realize its full potential. The Studio plinth must be levelled; then the suspension must be levelled using precision levels( low mass). The crucial part of set up is then to set up the precise horizontality of the rail beds so that all bearing wheels are in contact with the rail tracks over the full length( shining a bright torch from above onto the rails will aid in checking this out) Points to consider:- the belt tension between the pulleys is critical; not to little and not to much; this could trigger premature lifting of the arm; the motor pulley groove needs to be kept clean to ensure stable groove/belt contact to ensure smooth operation of the mechanism and avoid premature lifting. Yes, I own a Goldmund Studio/ GoldmundT3b, since 1986; fitted with a KOETSU Urushi black cartridge, recently rebuilt by Koetsu Japan. I do believe that most enthusiasts are better served with one of the many high quality turntables and tonearms that are available today in abundance. All turntable/arm/cartridge combos need exacting setup; it's just the GOLDMUND COMBO needs a lot more care in set up if you are to truly realise its superb potential.