Goldmund Studio Power Supply Help

I have in my possession an extremely early Goldmund Studio serial number 66 .
It is in the natural beech wood finish , Not the piano black lacquer version.

Anyway the table , T3 arm and dust cover are in mint condition .
It's a stunning example.

However the power supply (wal-wart) has been misplaced .
I know it is a DC power supply.

What I am hoping someone may know the answer to is.

What is the rating of that power supply . IE - voltage and amperage .

Any help here would be greatly appreciated .
The Goldmund needs two power supplies: one for the motor and one for the T3 arm. The T3 needs an 24 Volts DC supply, which according to Goldmund itself doesn't even has to be regulated. See also here: and scroll down a little.
As for the motor power supply: sorry, can't help you there. By the way: congrats on a great TT/arm combination.
Just one more thing: be carefull with the motor. According to your serial number, it is probably fitted with the Pabst motor. This motor is no longer supported by Goldmund or Pabst, so if it breaks down, the Goldmund cannot be easily fixed. Later models of the Studio/Studietto were fitted with a JVC motor, which is still in stock at Goldmund, as are the strings for the T3 (F) and T5 arm.
Hi Satch -

I do have the controller / power supply for the T3 arm & it's fine.

What I am missing is the power supply for the table.

ThatÂ’s the power supply I need the specifications for.

Thanks for the other information though.
My Studietto runs on a DC 24 Volts/600 mA power supply. As far as I know, the motors on the Studietto and the Studio were similar, althuogh my Studietto has the newer JVC motor. The connection on the Studietto is some kind of screw-connection, so it might be tricky to find the fitting one. If youw want, I can send you a pic of that connection.
I think your Studio, not Studietto, had a more involved power supply than a wall wart for the table motor. If the Pabst motor goes bad the table is done! The arm motor may be simpiar, but it had an outboard controller. The arm was fussy about set up and will lift in the middle of the record. However they are great TTs. Connections/wiring may be tough. PH
I spoke to Helmut Brinkmann I believe we can help you. The Brinkmann LaGrange turntable uses a Pabst motor (〈=en). Thus, there are three possible power supply options I know of:
1. purchase a Brinkmann solid state power supply
2. purchase the Brinkmann tube regulated power supply
3. Buy my Tesserac regulated power supply designed for the Goldmund Studio. It works on my Brinkmann without modification. I forgot to include it when I sold the unit....duh
I own all three email me and perhaps we can work something out. If you simply wish the voltages email
Have a shiny day!