Goldmund Studio IV

In the process of relocating, I lost the power supply (Wall wart variety) to my Goldmund Studio IV turntable. Would anyone happen to know what the operating DC Volt/Amps the motor requires to operate. I received a reply from some who might be able to help me with a regulated supply but we need the specs to be sure. Some say it's a Technics motor, others say it's a Dual motor. It is the last Generation of the Studio I'm sure. Any help would be appreciated.
My Goldmund Studio walwart supply is putting out 30VDC I think. Would have to check at home regarding the current. The DC voltage must not be too critical since I am running my table on batteries and using the walwart as the charger. I am using two 12 volt batteries in series so my table is running fine with 24 volts in. Never have had a problem doing it this way. Hope this is helpful. Email me if you want more info.
Hi Fonz,
The motor in the last version of the Studio is from JVC while the earlier ones came from Papst and these were the same as some Dual tt's (i know this form Mark on Audiogon-thanks Mark) .
I bought a Studio from Germany and the importer changed all the power supplies there to beefier ones.
These are mounted in small aluminium cases which look better then the original ones.
But..unfortunatly i don't know the voltage.Maybe it's easier now you know it's a JVC motor?
Why not ask Goldmund?