Goldmund Star System grounding system

Has anyone tried this grounding system, goldmund claims you will benifit only if you have a good EARTH GROUND. Preamp will be the central grounding station:

*Ground preamp chassis to earth groung via PC or wire to ground of outlet(round prong)

*Ground SIGNAL ground to chassis or tie with wire going to earth ground.

*Remove all earth grounds from other equipment..source,amp. I suppose you would remove round plug at PC...but this would create a safety issue right.

*Attach a thick wire from source,amp,tuner to preamp.

Here you have "GOLDMUND STAR SYSTEM" it I think. Could all interested please check and correct me if I'm wrong. I'm using a passive pre and the grounds for both channels are seperate and floating. Would this induce more noise. Has anyone tried this with success.

Thanks All!
Hi there, I can confirm that good earthing is absolutely critical. 1) On probably all your equipment there would be some connection via small capacitors from L->E & N->E to provide a high pass filter for high frequency noise to earth. 2) If a star grounding system is not used or any other grounding system which would form ground loops then you have a potential problem with induced noise eg mains hum. 3) A low impedance ground is critical(short and thick as possible earth cables because of skin effect)