Goldmund Speakers, one question?

Some years ago I heard at Franckfurt show, one room with one all Goldmund system, included the speakers, the people was in the room hearing the music as it was a exceptional sound, and for me, really was a extraordinary sound.
I read a lot of hifi magazines and hifi online forums, but practically never I can read about these speakers, and I will be very pleased to know the opinion of people who owns or have heard them, and logically which is your opinion about how it compares to Kharma, Avalon, MBL, Hansen,YG...
Goldmund designs and markets their speakers as part of a complete system including digital front-end, electronics, and cables. There are only a few Goldmund showrooms in the world to hear this system, but if you have the chance it is well worth it. IMO, this system is state-of-the-art and the sound proves it. Very similar to Cello's approach a few years back. Although the other speakers you mentioned are world-class, they each design and market their speakers to be paired with a variety of products, thus they are sold in the traditional high-end retail store. Which is better? It depends. But, the system approach does seem to make sense to achieve the ultimate sound. Furthermore, the current top Goldmund speakers use active crossovers with amplifiers for each speaker driver instead of passive crossovers like most traditional speakers. I hope you find this information usefull.
Hi- This is Bob from the Goldmund Store (Rhapsody Music and Cinema) in NYC. We are one of the few global Goldmund showrooms, along with LA here in the states. Biderduud gave a perfect explanation, could not have stated it better, so I won't:)...regards
I had the pleasure of hearing the top-of-the-line Goldmund Speakers at Bob's store. Truly the best I've experienced, with the caveat that I've never been to shows and haven't listened to as wide a range of brands as some, on the other hand I've heard the top-of-the-line (at the time) mbl, McIntosh, Magnepan and Wilson. But the Goldmunds are far, far more expensive so maybe not a fair comparision. I also heard the Goldmund mini-logos/subwoofer combo and I loved it. (The mini logos has now been replaced by the logos 1). Keep in mind that these were relatively short listening experinces. If I was a serious buyer, I would spend much more time with the various speakers you mention, and a few others as well, to really get a handle on what I prefer.

Certainly you can visit the Goldmund website and see a few magazine articles that they have archived. see the upper right side.
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