goldmund reference . which would be the best arm

i have had a goldmund reference for many years with the t 3f arm , as an experiment i decided to mount a 15 year old linn ittock arm with a cut down linn arm board, the results are very favourable proving the ittock is superior to the t3f linear tracker. Can any one advise a more suitable arm for this table as the ittock is hardly the last word in tonearms.
Lots or arms to choose from but for my money, its the Origin Live Encounter and Illustrious! Good Luck in your Quest.
I didn't respond to your question because I'm not familar with your table. However, so long as you can get an armboard cut for the specific arm you want, requirements being a rigid base for the arm, and you can get the correct overhang (distance from spindle to pivot point), you can actually use the any arm you like, so long as it matches your cartridge.

That being said, I strongly recommend you look at the Schroeder. The model 2 which comes with the carbon fibre armwand has an effective mass of 12g and should match most cartridges.

Which cart are you using?
Linn Ittok superior to the Goldumnd T3F on a Goldmund Reference?! That defies believe... But anyway, to your question; the tonearm you should consider based on the fact 'you'd prefered the Ittok' is the Swiss made Breuer type 8B (current version). Even the original Ittok and many other arms were based on this design many years ago.

The other choice would be the AirTangent 2002 or any other earlier made variants.

Ideally you should have two more Goldmund Reference to mount these two first-class tonearms!

Keep those black discs spinning!

Whatever arm you choose, strongly suggest that you modify the acrylic mounting board so that the new arm can be mounted directly on that. This will ensure proper coupling and energy transfer. Suggest that you may want to contact Detlof who has significant experience with the reference.
Actually, someone preferring an Ittok to a T3F is easy to believe....

Two arms that I've heard in person work are the Naim Aro and the SME IV. Different strengths as you'd expect, but both were terrific and both absolutely devastated the two other contenders--a Graham 2.0 and the aforementioned T3F.

I'd bet a SME V would be a treat too!


Dear Tangram: The question is not: wich is the best suitable tonearm for the TT. The question will be: wich is the tonearm that do a match with your phono cartridge. This combo ( tonearm/cartridge ) has priority over TT/tonearm combo, and I'm not saying that this combo is not important, it is but the other one is more important. If you tell us wich is the cartridge ( s ) that you own then we can help you.
Regards and enjoy the music.
Hi Tangram,

I'm curious, where & how did you mount the Ittok on the Reference?