Goldmund record collector's standards VS. English

It's funny for me to know that VG condition of vinyl(very good) means that there are surface scratches that are noisy but the record plays through.
To me how such record condition can be any good rather than poor?
I think that I would translate poor condition of Goldmund collector standard as FUBAR!!!
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Well, I have to admit that I am rather new to the vinyl scene. In fact, I still am working on a turntable setup.

I have been purchasing records as I prepare for the time when I will have a TT system setup. I find that very few people in the real world adhere to this grading standard. I am constantly finding that people make up their own grading system. In fact, may people claim to use Goldmine grading standards as marketing to ease your fears of buying. Goldmine is just as subjective and flawed as any other grading system.

My advide - ask for specifics and descriptions of the LP condition if you are unsure about something. Ultimately, Its buyer beware when it comes to used LP's.