Goldmund on recent TT designs . . . . .

All you would-be (and actual) turntable designers and armchair mechanical engineers will get a kick out of this:


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There is actually quite a bit of info about the new Reference 2 TT on the Goldmund site. First, go to their April and Oct. (2006) "News" pages:


The second article has a picture and a link to an animated presentation which is partly finished. Then, check out their blog archives. You need to type that one in by hand, or use this link:

There's an article on that page, but then, click on the "Technical Articles" button and you'll get a list which has ELEVEN more articles on the Reference 2. My thanks to Joseph (Groovey) for the heads-up on this development.
Ketchup, go to the other links I just posted, they have a lot more info on the Ref. 2 itself (incl. pictures and drawings.)

It looks like Goldmund is also bringing out a reasonably priced (<$4500) brand new phono preamp, the Mimesis PH7.3