Goldmund, not much inside, but ultra expensive.

Is judging Goldmund products on what’s inside them fair? If it’s, then what are you paying for? There’s nothing but space inside most of their equipment. Not only is there nothing inside them they’re ridiculously expensive. Look inside their Nextgen 590 intergraded amp $29000. There’s nothing inside.
To be fair, I must say I’ve never heard their equipment, so maybe it’s worth what they charge, but judging it from its inside It looks like it isn’t.
I don't disagree that sometimes "less is more".  And of course it does not mean the more parts the better and ultimately it's the sound that matters.  

In a similar topic, in term of "less is more", some people prefer low power amplifier because the sound relatively is more "agile" and has more "rhythm" and "drive".  High power amplifiers sometimes can get in their own way and makes music sounding somewhat lethargic.  
Don’t blame Goldmund, I just bought a 31K SUV with thousands of parts inside and yet a 6 foot pair of speaker wires can easily cost in excess of the 31K.

Just curious to ask what do you think of a $310K Ferrari? It gets to the grocery store just the same as a $31K SUV. Both cars use the same metal, plastic and so on. Why would one cost 10 times the other?

All cables use either silver or copper just the same so why would one costs $31K vs. some other much cheaper cables.  

On a side note, $310K is on the low end of Ferrari.

Currently using a Job 225 amp which is a Goldmund design. It’s the best amp I’ve owned so far, but to be fair I’ve never paid more than $1k used for an amp. It’s as fast as the Simaudio I5 I once owned, but more transparent and much more full sounding. With my limited budget, I don’t really have a desire to spend much more on an amp at this point. I’m sure there will be class D amps released over the next few years that may better this amp, but I’m extremely happy with it. The only amp I really am interested in that would probably be a step up would be the Benchmark AHB2.

From what I’ve read, people really love the Goldmund gear based simply on how it sounds. Price is another issue altogether as value is subjective.
As you've heard, an item is worth what a person is willing to pay for it.  Some equipment is well designed (R&D cost money), use very good parts (also cost money) and is well built (also cost money).  R&D and tooling up for a product cost money up-front.   Some countries pay a very high salary for their employees also.  These factors along with supply chain issues, add to the price of items.

If it "made in America" or made in Switzerland, etc.  The costs for employees is very high.  Tariffs that are applied to get the item into America also is a factor.

Goldmund makes really good equipment.  The stuff I've heard was excellent.

But, most of us have price point budgetary limits.  So a $340,000 Ferrari is out of the question.  I couldn't even afford the periodic maintenance costs on one.  BMW 335i turbos blow frequently and to remove them, you have to drop the sub frame of the car.  How stupid is that?

For audio equipment, the proof is in how it sounds compared to other equipment within the same price point limits and specifications.   Apples to Apples.