Goldmund Mimesis PH3 phono stage-opinion needed

I would like to know from owners of such phono stage -also from other guys very familiar with its sound and features -what are its strenghts and weaknesses, also how does it compare with Tom Evans designed phono stages -classic Michell ISO/HERA and current models (Microgroove, Groove Plus). Your opinion is needed since there are no reviews on line about the Mimesis PH3 and I need to know more about it in case an opportunity to buy one will arise in the future. I have been using for many years now a modified Michell ISO/HERA that I consider a reference unit for me for its classic sound, smoothness, tonal balance, soundstage and overall musicality. Your input will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Emil - Hartford, CT, USA
I have been using the Ph3 for a few years. I have no experience with the Tom Evans models. However, compared to the Pass labs and Acoustech phonoamps I had before, the Ph3 sounds cleaner, detailed and very lively. Typical Goldmund sound.