Goldmund Dialogues, Info please

I wrote this a couple of months ago, and now I am going to go ahead and do this, whether I get any info from anyone out there or not, but some would be appreciated. I am getting a great deal on a pair of Dialogues, and I am happy with the way they sound and all,(for the money spent), but some info and reviews would be nice if anyone could foward me any much appreciated.
Is this Dialogue or Super Dialogue?
The only thing I can tell you is that the SD is a great sounding speaker with the right amp (this would be a goldmund also.)

I own a pair of Goldmund Dialogues.
I don't know a lot about them either, but here it is.

Sensitivity is 96dB/w/m, impedance is 8 ohms. They can be driven very well by a 5W tube amp.
The crossovers are very complex with >100 parts per side.
I think they were produced until around '91-'92 and use Focal units (I think these were modified a bit to improve sensitivity). It has a bass-port in the back.

These speakers are very fast (Goldmund claimed they were the fastest speakers in existence back in the eighties) and seem to need a fast amp to really sing. I'm using Spectral amps now, maybe Goldmund would be even better.

Hope this helps.
About Dialogues well driven: very fast, crystal-clear, precise, not euphonic, but not "cold" however. I remember that they could easily sound: thin, cut off in the bass with lower-mids bloom -- when driven with unmatched electronics. (It was one of the huge M-Fidelities -- 400? -- driving them to disastrous effects.)

The Supers are easier to match with amplification and get a tonally balanced sound.

A very fast pre/amp combo with some current capability is useful -- wide-bandwidth too, if possible, as per lawrensw above.

I, for one, have fond memories of these speakers and a good deal on Goldmund is rare! Enjoy!
I know them very well as I had a pair for 16 years (serie2). A fine speaker. There was no user manual, only a product sheet.
Works best with Goldmund cones and a better fixing of the speakers. A little improvement can be obtained by upgrading the bidding post to Cardas rodium or WBT.

If you have more questions.